Health Matters



Do you struggle with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger, weight, prolonged grief, chronic pain, caregiver distress, hypertension, life skills or other situations? The main mode of therapy that I use to help people address their problems, reduce their life stress, and achieve their personal goals is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

CBT usually has a present focus, is  time-limited. I work in partnership with clients to help identify, evaluate, and if necessary modify unhelpful, problematic ways of thinking. In collaboration with the client behavioural skills to manage emotional distress and/or make positive changes in their lives are developed. Personalised treatment plans are formulated to incorporate these strategies for each client. The following are some general aspects of CBT that can be expected:

  • An initial face-to-face assessment when information is gathered, for example the client's symptoms, background, current situation, strengths and barriers, you may also be asked to complete questionnaires in session or at home

  • At the beginning of each session we identify the main goals to be discussed so that the session time can be used effectively

  • Depending on the client's situation cognitive behavioural strategies include but are not limited to modification of problematic patterns of thinking, using strategies such as graded exposure to feared situations to reduce anxiety, learning ways how to re-engage with life, becoming behaviourally activated, identifying unhelful ways of thinking

  • Other strategies may be learning better breathing, problem-solving, relaxation techniques, distraction, assertiveness training, managing fatigue, mindfullness, better communication etc

  • In-between session work enables practicing tools and strategies learned during sessions

A full course of CBT is typically 12-16 sessions, although some problems are resolved in fewer sessions. Packages of care for brief psychological therapy are available for 6-8 sessions. These treatments can often be very effective and sufficient to give you skills and strategues to use in the future. After completion of therapy client's may choose to have a booster session or a brief relapse prevention package. All consultations are confidential, we conduct an initial assessment, and discuss treatment options with you. Packages of care are available.

Appointments: Initial appointment 1.5-hours, follow-up appointments are for 50-minutes.

To arrange an appointment please email or phone or txt Charlene on 021-772337

Self-Management Support 

Self-Management is what a person does to manage their long-term health condition on a day-to-day basis so that they can have optimal quality of life and well-being. It means taking a central role in one's own care, becoming an active "self-manager”, understanding the importance of managing one's health condition, and working in partnership with one's health provider.This is often done with the support of their family, whanau, friends, health providers, work mates and others. Having a chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pain and others can cause people to lose physical conditioning, experience fatigue, anxiety and depression and difficult emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and worry.


We can provide you with tips, tools, and ideas how to take care of your health condition, for example how to:

  • Understand your long-term condition, medications and treatment

  • Making medications and treatment work for you

  • Take care of your illness by keeping track of your warning signs and symptoms

  • Carry out normal day-to-day activities by making some adjustments

  • Manage the emotional changes or social isolation that often occur as a result of your illness

  • Communicate with your health provider, family and friends

  • Live a healthy lifestyle for by addressing lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, stress and sleep

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Health Coaching


Are you at risk of developing a lifestyle disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes due to smoking, poor diet, being overweight, unhealthy drinking, physical inactivity or stress at home or at work.

We can provide you with a range of life skills, tools and strategies how to

  • become actively involved in managing your health

  • address barriers such a lack of confidence or low self-esteem

  • become motivated to improve your lifestyle

  • optimise your well-being

  • feel better and have more energy




To arrange an appointment please email or phone or txt Charlene on 021-772337