Health Matters


At Healthmatters we are committed to providing evidence-based psychological therapy, health coaching, and self-management support for people with long-term health conditions (medical, mood or both). We also provide training and consultation services to health providers, health professionals and employers.

Clients/Patients - are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed-out? Are you struggling to manage your long-term health condition? Would you like support to deal with a lifestyle or personal challenge? Are issues like inactivity, sleeplessness, weight, chronic pain, or low self-esteem getting to you? We have research and clinical experience working with people with long-term (chronic) health conditions, including depression and anxiety. We offer confidential psychological assessments and treatment packages for a range of mental health and lifestyle issues.

Health Professionals/Providers - would you like to learn skills how to provide face-to-face, evidence-based self-management support to patients or clients with long-term health conditions? We offer workshops and training in one-on-one and group self-management support for chronic conditions. Consultation, and on-going coaching and mentoring services are available.

Employers/Organisations - would you like happy, healthy and engaged employees, reduced staff-turnover, job stress, and absenteeism? Workplace health is key to a healthy bottom line. We are able to conduct a workplace health needs assessment for your business, no matter if it is small, medium, large, or home-based and provide you with recommendations how to use a targeted approach to create a healthy and happy organisation.